Ray, Bud, Danny, Dwight, Bobby, Nat, Smitty, and Georgia

        Bill Bolen   Jeff Beaver   Smitty Flynn  Charles VanWagner  Nat                                               

Selections from The Rivieras, 1962-1967

...includes two tracks by Georgia Hand (produced by Maurice Williams, 1967)

...tracks from the "MAGICAL"  Rivieras 50th Reunion CD (2013)

...a six minute medley from a rare unedited tape, "Rivieras Live, The Cellar 1967"

The Original Rivieras

with Smitty Flynn and his Rivieras including Pam Phifer and Debby Dobbins 2005)

The Rivieras with Howard Chadwick ('62)

Bob Meyer and Georgia Hand

The Rivieras ('64)

Some of the late 60's crew, with obligatory Nehru Jackets

The early days ('59)

Georgia Hand & Nat Speir

Nat's living room -- The Beginning ('58)

(Bobby Speir, Nat, Smitty Flynn, Charles VanWagner, Jeff Beaver)

It must've been

Frank "Bud" McNeely

The Rivieras' featured guitarist ('63-'69)

Click here for Bud McNeely Interview 

Rivieras, Personnel

The Rivieras, 1959-69

Nat Speir; tenor sax, guitar, bass, organ, original member

Charles VanWagner; vocals, orig.

Smitty Flynn; vocals, piano, drums, orig.

Bill Bolen; keyboards and manager, orig.

Joe Harris; vocals, trumpet, orig.

Dwight Stephens; sax, flute and vocals, org.

Jeff Beaver; bass, orig.

Tom Flowe; drums (1st full time drummer), orig.

Howard Chadwick; vocals ('62)

Eddy MacAleer; baritone sax, manager ('62-'64)

Bobby Speir; drums ('62-'68)

Bob Meyer; vocals ('63-'64)

Bud McNeely; guitar ( '63-'68)
Doug Neal; bass ( '63-'67)

Georgia Hand; vocals ('64-'67)

Danny Michael; trombone, sax ('65-'68)

Ray Alexander; trumpet ('65-'67)

Danny Smith; drums and trpt. ('63-'64))

Milton "Skeeter" Clapp;  alto sax ('62)

Howard Duval; baritone sax ('61)

Larry Cable; bass ('64)

The New Rivieras (fall 1967-69)

James Bates; lead singer

Nat Speir

Bobby Speir

Danny Michael

David Caudle; sax

Neil Stephens; sax

Bobby Donaldson; bass (Yes, Bass!)

Sammy Schifman; drums

Debbie Byers; vocals

Portia Vaughn; vocals

Smitty Flynn and The Rivieras (1979 to present)

Smitty Flynn; leader, piano and vocals

Mike Sudderth; bass, vocals

Tim Murray; guitar

Nat Speir; sax

Debby Dobbins; vocals

Pam Phifer; vocals

Kim Brunnemer; vocals

Rex Cole; sax

Mike Kincaid; sax

Fred Jackson; guitar


    Ken Micallef

    Mike Purser

    Mark Farley

    Dave Yelverton

Georgia Hand and Nat Speir

Havin' a good time!

  • Who's That Knockin'?2:15
  • Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen)2:39
  • Believe To My Soul (orig. Ray Charles)4:21
  • Showdown (Archie Bell)2:40
  • Count Every Star 2:36
  • Pipe Dreams (Beck)2:50
  • Rivieras Live ,The Cellar '670:00
  • Too Much Pride (M. Williams)2:16
  • Caring For You (M. Williams)3:09
  • Smittys Piano 2:27
  • Why? (writer H. Chadwick)2:55

The Rivieras Through The Years

The Rivieras ('92)

50th Reunion CD, 2013

One of our last gigs - Tanglewood Country Club ('67)

Peeler Studios pub photo ('66)

Nat and Smitty

New Years Eve ('67) 

Smitty Flynn, lead vocal

Bill Bolen on Hammond and Fender Piano Bass


The Rivieras ('59)