​Congratulations to Bill and Sandy Bell on their BMA award!

The SFB project  took five years. I had completed the music tracks before my two talented partners joined me for vocals. Bill Bradford sang most of the leads and co-produced some of the tunes; we all sang background. Smitty Flynn provided his melodious tenor. We eventually recorded 20 songs. Most of the music was recorded on my portable recorder in my condo. Some of the ensemble horn work was done at Bill's house in Dilworth. Vocals were done in my living room -- in cooperation with the lawn service. (They agreed to hold off blowing the front walk until 4:00 PM on Thursdays, when we did vocals.)

SFB was originally intended as an educational project; by performing and recording some less celebrated but typical 1950's R&B. We wanted to show just how influential this music has been.

The owner of Ripete Records, Rion Carter, took an interest in our project. Our CD became available as a download, retitled "Pulling Up Roots."  Seventeen SFB tunes are available through Ripete Records, CDBaby, and iTunes.  At the bottom of this page are some highlights of "SFB Overlooked and Essential Rhythm & Blues." Enjoy!


Overlooked and Essential Rhythm & Blues

1) Down To Tiajuana   (Andre Williams)

2) Annie Had A Baby   (Hank Ballard)

3) The Glory of Love   (Hill)

4) Could This Be Magic?  SFB swing version (Blandon)

5) Heart And Soul   (Carmichael, Loesser)

6) No More Doggin'   (Roscoe Gordon)

7) Witchcraft   (King and Bartholomew)

Bill Bradford's Website: billbradfordmusic.com

  • Down In Tiajuana (Andre Williams)3:00
  • Annie Had A Baby (Hank Ballard)2:50
  • Glory Of Love (Hill)3:13
  • Could This Be Magic (Blanton)2:59
  • Heart and Soul (Carmichael, Loesser)3:45
  • No More Doggin' (Roscoe Gordon)3:26
  • Witchcraft (King, Bartholomew)3:10

A note about SFB's Bill Bradford...


Not only was Bill co-producer and lead singer on most of

the cd, Pulling Up Roots,

his knowledge and perspective qualified him as musicologist for the project.

We plan to do an SFB Part 2: Soul Music, 1962-1972

The following is Bill's preface to that future project.  Click here