"Que Pasada"  (original)

      inspired by The Coasters'

"Smokey Joe's Cafe"

and "Down in Mexico."

​"Things Ain't What

They Used To Be" is

a popular riff

from Duke Ellington.

"Dawgies" (original) my take

on the very popular

soul jazz of the mid-60s.

Bill Doggett, Quincy Jones,

and even James Brown

(with his "big band")

were doing things like this.

​​​​   I recorded 15 instrumentals for this website

(Six are originals)

​I am assisted here by

Bud McNeely, guitar

Smitty Flynn, keyboard

Chad Gibson, Charlotte drum stylist (drums on "The Hog")

Van Coble

Allen McLaurin

Nat, Original Rivieras, MPHS reunion (2013)

​​​​​​​​​Paying tribute to R&B and jazz of the 50s and 60s

Nat and Smitty Flynn

Smitty Flynn

Bud McNeely

The songs were recorded to hard drive using

Cubase, Power Tracks, and Studio One software.

My Toshiba laptop was the recorder,

my living room the studio.

  • Comin Home 3:01
  • Dawgies2:24
  • Hello Mary 1:47
  • The Hog2:57
  • Soul Serenade 3:39
  • My Babe3:01
  • Que Pasada2:35
  • The Glory Of Love3:15
  • The Glider3:00
  • CC Rider3:42
  • The Real Thing2:58
  • Things Ain't What They Used To Be2:35
  • Heart and Soul 3:06
  • Frenesi 3:09
  • It's A Minor Thing.3:32

"C C Rider" is a great old traditional blues (Ma Rainey, 1924) most bands like mine, The Rivieras, would do at every gig as a warm up. We "stretched out" and jammed for a few minutes, practicing our blues riffs and our knowledge of some of our favorite jazz players like--Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, Stanley Turrentine, and David Newman.

 "Hello Mary" (original)

My tribute to early Motown and Mary Wells.

My trio rendition of "The Glory of Love"

was inspired by The Five Keys

whose simple but soulful 1951 vocal version is #1 with me!


     "My Babe" is the great Willie Dixon/

   Little Walter tune. I'm assisted here by

Van Coble and Allen McLaurin.