"Bad Girl"  (Pre-Motown Miracles 1959)

the jazzy Four Freshmen -

major influence on  most  vocal groups of the 1950's!

(Out of place on this Doo Wop page?)

Mickey and Sylvia "Love Is Strange".

Rhythm and Blues Giant

check out "Tears On My Pillow" acapella

on the Doo Wop Poetry page

The Del Vikings  "Come Go With Me" (1956)

Are you ready for Star Time?

a tremendous singer with a wild blend of Gospel, Blues, and Rock

 hits started early with "Tutti Fruitti" (1955)

had it not been for his off-center flamboyance, Richard might have been called the Father of Soul!​

The Four Tops

The Temptations

The Turbans

"When You Dance" (1955)

first use of syllable "Doo Wop"

on a record

The Coasters

Major  Influences


"You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" (1964)

​the most radio and TV play of any recording in the 20th century

(BMI statistics)

The Spaniels (1954)

Hazel Martin & The Tempests

(including old friends Van Coble

and Nelson Lemmond, producer & former songwriting partner)

"Shep" Sheppard, sweet and soulful lead voice 

"A Thousand Miles Away" (1958) 

"Daddy's Home" (1961)

The Famous Flames - 1962, The Apollo

    Coming Up

  Echos from the early days of swing

      to The Golden Age of R&B


"Come To Me" (1959)

 "You Got What It Takes" (1960)

First Tamla/Motown Records  

written and produced by Berry Gordy

The above are two contenders for title "First Rock and Roll Song"

Curtis Mayfield, Sam Gooden, Fred Cash The Impressions (1962-1970)

Curtis Mayfield, Sam Gooden,

the Brooks brothers & Jerry Butler

The Impressions (1958-1962)

"Little" Anthony Gourdine 

the lead voice of The Imperials for 55+ years

a tour de force in R&B/Swing sax

King Curtis

"The Sound"

Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs





of Rockabilly

Chuck Berry

one of the first Superstars

of rock & roll

The Delacardos (1966)

written by Delacardos' bass player, Ronnie Grier (wrote also for Otis Redding & Arthur Conley)

The Chords, "Sh-Boom" (1954)

The Crows, "Gee" (1953)

A Thousand Miles Away

Notable studio career spanning 50 years

From lead singer with The Pilgrim Travelers

to pop icon,

Sam Cooke influenced most R&B

and pop singers who followed

The Platters

first R&B group to "Cross Over"

from R&B to Pop


all told, The Platters sold 53 million records!


Ray on Alto - with David Newman

Newport (1958)

 Jimmy Wright

Sax Solos "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?"

"ABC's Of Love"  "Little Girl Of Mine" and many others

Otis Redding - a unique and influential vocalist

working for Little Richard at the time of his introduction to

Stax Records in 1962

While with J.B., Maceo invented "Funk" saxophone

"Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (1965)

Great New Orleans Pianist & Song Writer

"Rockin' Pneumonia," "Don't You Just Know It," "High Blood Pressure"

and more!

​​A Thousand Miles Away

The Original "Funk Brothers" - Motown 


"Honky Tonk"       "Ram Bunk Shush"

Bill Doggett, organ     ​Clifford Scott, tenor sax     Billy Butler, guitar

"The Wicked Mr. Pickett"!

John Edwards before The Catalinas

Herb Hardesty, Fats' Tenor Man

"When My Dreamboat Comes Home"

  • Gee2:10
  • Sh-Boom2:27
  • Everyone's Laughing2:46
  • Will You Still Love Me?2:37
  • White Cliffs of Dover2:17
  • Nobody Loves Me Like You (Sam Cooke)2:16
  • Love Potion No 9-1:53

"Great Googa Mooga

Lemme Out Of Here!"

(And meanwhile, back in the States!)

"Hully Gully"   "Big Boy Pete"

the original "Good Lovin"

Bobby Byrd    James Brown           Maceo Parker 

 The Shirelles   "live" (1964)

with Atlantic Notables

Lee Allen and Herb Hardesty

The Memphis Horns (Stax)

Hank Crawford

Marvin Gaye

"These Arms Of Mine" (1962)

Shep and The Limelights       

Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers

'Stranded In The Jungle"

Ray Charles and David "Fathead" Newman

The Five Keys

The Catalinas

Van Coble - guitar & bass

Singer and Record Producer

listen to Van's Buddy Holly tribute  HERE 

Plas Johnson

Sam "The Man" Taylor

Atlantic Records tenor sax voice in the 1950s

​​The Dells "Oh What A Night!"

great Doo Wop hits in the 1950's

performed together for 60 years!

 a "second life" in the 1960's asSoul Train headliners!

The Monotones 

I wonder wonder who be doo doo who,

who wrote the "Book Of Love"

The Delacardos of Charlotte, NC 

James Brown at home with his dad