American's New 16 track Ampex recorder!



  1. "Hey Little Girl" (Maurice Williams) The Catalinas with Bob Meyer      Rec. 1961, Hi Studio, Memphis TN
  2. "Ring of Stars" (Bob Meyer, O.C. Gravitte) Bob Meyer and The Catalinas    Rec. 1961, Hi Studio, Memphis TN
  3. "Behold" (Bob Meyer, Nat Speir) Bob Meyer and The Rivieras   Rec. 1963 Bob Richardson's "garage" studio, Charlotte NC
  4. "I Only Get That Feeling" (Dee Erwin) Bob Meyer    Rec. 1968, Belmont, NC; prod. by Speir & Meyer
  5. "Never Gonna Let You Go" (Speir, Meyer) Bob Meyer    Rec. 1968, Belmont NC; prod. by Speir & Meyer
  6. "My Girl Stormy" (Speir, Meyer) Bob Meyer    Rec. 1968, Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte NC; prod. by Speir & Meyer
  7. "Blue Horizon" (James, Oldham) Bob Meyer    #7-#11  Rec. 1970-71, American Studio, Memphis TN; prod. by Cauley & Moma

  8. "I Ain't Got No Lovin' On You" (Cauley, Foster) Bob Meyer at American                                      ‚Äč

  9. "Half A Man" (James, Christopher) Bob Meyer at American
  10. "You Were Always On My Mind"(Carson, James, Christopher) Bob Meyer at American                                                         
  11. "Rock n Roll Shoes" (Chuck Willis) Bob Meyer and The Catalinas

  12. "Fools Fall In Love" (Leiber and Stoller) Bob Meyer    Prod. by Van Coble
  13. "Fortune Teller" (Allan Toussaint) Bob Meyer    Prod. by Van Coble                                                     


Bob and his young producer, Mike Cauley

  • Hey Little Girl (Maurice Williams)2:34
  • Ring Of Stars (Bob Meyer)0:00
  • Behold (Meyer, Speir)2:30
  • I Only Get That Feeling (Dee Erwin)2:32
  • Never Gonna Let Her Go (Speir, Meyer)3:14
  • Stormy (Meyer-Speir)2:11
  • Blue Horizon (James, Christopher)2:47
  • I Ain't Got No Livin' On You (Cauley, Foster)2:13
  • Half A Man (James, Christopher)2:39
  • Always On My Mind2:24
  • My Rock n Roll Shoes (Chuck Willis)4:29
  • Fools Fall In Love (Leiber-Stoller)3:43
  • Fortune Teller (Allan Toussaint)2:43
  • Whip It On Me (Jesse Hill)3:24

 B ob Meyer   was in The Rivieras only 2 1/2 years, 

            yet no discussion about The Rivieras would be complete without Bob.


   Bob  was a uniquely talented singer.  As a youngster he was a soloist with The Charlotte Boys' Choir, and from 1957-1961 he was the lead singer for The Catalinas of Charlotte. He recorded two very popular ballads with that group in 1961: 

"Hey Little Girl" (Maurice Williams) and "Ring of Stars" (Meyer, Gravitte).

     In 1961, Bob began auditioning for record producers in New York and Los Angeles. In New York he recorded for Bobby Robinson's Fury Records. Bob joined my group, The Rivieras, in 1962, doing an extraordinary job with lead and background vocals.

     In May of 1963 Bob and I, with Bobby Speir, Eddy MacAleer,  Bud McNeely , and Doug Neal,began booking as Bob Meyer and The Rivieras. In the fall of 1963, Bob and I produced the regional hit, "Behold" (published by Karras and Richardson, released in 1964).

    In 1966-1967, Bob and I wrote several new songs, including a follow-up to "Behold" entitled "My Girl Stormy." We recorded that song (and several others) at Arthur Smith's studio using The Rivieras, plus Sidney Smith and Johnny Barker from The Catalinas.  Bob  also recorded for Maurice Williams several times during 1963-1968.   

     In 1969, Bob and I held our Belmont session recording our original, "Never Gonna Let Her Go" and our version of Dee Erwin's, "I Only Get That Feeling."

     A few months after that Belmont session, on a dare I contacted the famous American Recording Studio in Memphis.  At that time, American had big hits on the charts by B.J. Thomas, Neil Diamond and others. I knew that someone in the record business - maybe American - would be interested in Bob Meyer. (For the full story of American Studio read The Memphis Boys by Roben Jones.) 

     The next week I took a big chance. With our recent BLUE SOUL record in hand, I flew to Memphis. American Studio engineer, Mike Cauley was surprised to find me knocking on their back door! much more about Bob in my book...

The Real Thing

(due out soon)


On this website are four songs from Bob's remarkable time at American Studio.

     1) - "Blue Horizon" (James, Oldham) - a Billboard Magazine pick hit

     2) - "I Ain't Got No Lovin' On You" (Cauley, Foster)

     3) - "You Were Always On My Mind" (Carson, James, Christopher)

     4) - "Half a Man" (James and Christopher)

The Memphis Boys created the music tracks:

     Reggie Young, guitar

     Mike Leech, bass, string and horn arrangements

     Bobby Woods, piano (and vocal harmonies with Bob)

     Bobby Emmons, organ

     Gene Chrisman, drums

(background vocal overdubs by The Holladays)

A Note:

"Blue Horizon" b/w "I Ain't Got No Lovin' On You" was pressed

on the Chips label and made available as a promotional record.

The other three were finished, including overdubs, but were never released.

Bob and I continued to write and record together through the 1970s and 1980s. Old friend, Van Coble, produced five sides for Bob in 1996. Van, Bob and I had owned a recording studio in downtown Charlotte in the late '60s. The five songs recorded in Van's new studio included  "Fools Fall in Love," "Fortune Teller," "Whip It On Me," and two others. These were Bob's last recordings. They are available on the Lawn CD, The Best of Bob Meyer and The Rivieras.

I have included a sampler of Bob Meyer's 35 years of recordings on this page.


Looks like Joe Tex was on for February 1st and 2nd, and Bob Meyer for February 18th and 19th

Reggie Young's guitar arsenal at American