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Many thanks to Mark Windle 
     for his support and inspiration for the creation of this website.  

Mark is from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. We got to know each other quite well during his interviews with me for the writing of his first book, It's Better to Cry. Mark was particularly interested in Bob Meyer and the Rivieras and our recordings from the 1960's. He is a veritable fountain of information on R&B and his specialty "Northern Soul," and he knows southeastern US vocal groups as well as any local. Mark has written three additional books: Soul Reflections, Rhythm Message, and House of Broken Hearts.

Also see Mark's impressive website and book

store A Nickel and a Nail.


Photo by Carol Cobal

Nat Speir

Welcome to the

Nat Speir Website


This website is about the great rhythm and blues music

I have enjoyed and performed for 60 years. 

Included are adventures of my band,

The Rivieras

of Charlotte, NC

 and a colorful look at the groups and artists

who greatly influenced our playing.

On this site are lots of pictures and

music from the '50s and '60s.

Look for a link to my memoirs and observations

          The Real Thing


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  • Honky Tonk - Part 22:36

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